blue moss -- available on the west coast!

Vintageweave Interiors --Offering antiques, vintage items, eccentricities and exclusive vintage-inspired designs - all mainly sourced from France, England, and the U.S., will be the latest shop to sell blue moss jewelry! The online shop (and blog) are absolutely amazing!

love so many things, but I think this banner is my very favorite!


Kathy said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous and it is being unveiled at a private party this weekend! I know the eiffel tower pins are going to be a hit. If it shows up on a celeb in a magazine I'll be sure to give you credit--fingers crossed! Your attention to detail, wrapping, etc, is devine.

I'll be in touch but thanks so much!
Kathy Delgado

Katie Runnels said...

Way to go! I love their website!! xo

lily pottery said...

whoo-hoo! this is super great! congrats on spreading the blue moss goodies! yeah for you!!!!