odd molly love!

Odd Molly--superfabulous clothing line!! Love love love the bows, embroidery details, and logos that are stitched on the back or sleeve of the garments. As stated on their website--"every collection from odd molly carries its own signage and each signage represents its own symbolism. the symbolism itself is the platform upon which each collection has been built. if you for instance have a dove signed garment you´ll know it´s from spring of 2006". How cool is that?

I would love to buy a million of their clothes. They aren't cheap--but with all the details, and quality, you can understand the pricing. Anthropologie sells a few of their pieces, but you can see the whole line on their website. I took a quick trip to Atlanta, and found a fabulous odd molly shirt on the super way marked down anthropologie sale rack. Don't you love it when there is one left and it's your size? odd molly happiness!

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