can't get enough of these...

During our long weekend at the beach, we had one day that was just gray and rainy and stormy. So we decided to check out the local mall. Just when we about to leave, we stumbled upon a huge Forever 21. Fabulous!! At that point, we had about 15 minutes to spend in there. It was quick, but fun. I found this top (that I am going to wear with my yellow anthropologie cardigan that I have had forever). It is part of their Heritage 1981 line--that I really like..... and yet another rose ring. This time in mustard. I have a million of these, but I still love them. I bought my first one at Robin Richman--an absolutely amazing store in Chicago--back when they were just out. Since then, I have gotten them at Salon 864. Almost every time I wear them (which is about every day), I get complimented on them. I can't get enough of them!

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