more tour de france inspiration

Stumbled upon a new favorite blog - The Sartorialist. You must check it out!
Great collection of random people on the streets - all over the world - and the fabulous ways they put their look together.
Love that even more than a fashion show.
Love the bicycle pics!
Wish I could look this cool on a bike....but I would be wearing a helmet to totally mess up the look!


knackstudio said...

You totally crack me up!!:) I could style a picture of you on one of my bikes!! Hee Hee!! (no helmet)

blue moss said...

that would be fun....or just plain funny!! :)

bkh said...

No, your pic should be on the Hello Kitty bike:

blue moss said...

that would be fabulous!

Project Ecoart said...

LOVE the pics. Will definitely check it out. I will also add you to my blogroll.

blue moss said...

thanks--it's always great to find new blogs!