happy, sad

I love back to school....
I love new pencils, and paper.....
.............and new shoes!

but, my "little" girl starts high school tomorrow!
and she is so excited!!!
and....I am thrilled for her!

but......didn't she just start kindergarten yesterday?

pencils @ office depot


Project Ecoart said...

I am 43 and I have one graduated and in college, two boys graduating this new school year and then one left with two years to go.

Embrace it. Enjoy evey moment. It goes very fast.

blue moss said...

thanks so much----i will try my best!

Ez said...

Oh... they grow so fast! My daughter goes into 4th grade this year and I feel like she's going to be off to college before I blink my eyes.
Best to you and yours.

S.HOPtalk said...

Oh I can't imagine...I tear up just thinking of my little one moving on to high school and {gasp!} college. Fortunately, I have a few years before that becomes a reality, but time just seems to go by in an instant when you have children. {{hugs}} to you.

blue moss said...

everyone has been so sweet!!! She really is LOVING high school! :) thanks to all!