blissful images

a blog i love, and seem to check perpetually, is bliss
i started loving this blog for the "i heart" lists
that were filled with things to love
the author, mrs. french, has now opened her own etsy shop,
filled with her beautiful photos to love!
this photo is my very favorite from the bliss blog
(......and i'm wishin' and hopin' that it will be added to the shop, too!)
you must check out her blog and her shop!
you will be hooked, too!
p.s. thank you, traci, for all your encouragement--
your comments always brighten my day.


Jaimee said...

Who doesn't LOVE Mrs. French ?!?!

blue moss said...


Mrs.French said...

anything for you my dear...email if you want me to reserve a print for you...xoxo

Mrs.French said...

oh and thank you, thank you!