okay--i totally admit that the main reason
...........(maybe the only reason) i watch top design on bravo
is to see what fabulous thing kelly werstler will be wearing.
so, .......when i saw on the scoop
that she is on the cover of the new domino
(wearing a fabulous outfit)
i was super excited


littlebyRD said...

I just subscribed to this mag. I am holding off buying it because I know the minute I do it will arrive! But I can hardly wait!

blue moss said...

when i subscribe to something new, if seems like if I buy it, it comes the same day.....if I don't buy it, it doesn't arrive until the next issue :)

Anonymous said...

loved the new issue and her outfit! one of my fave mags!

blue moss said...

life has been so crazy--i still haven't looked at it!!

julia said...

YES!! her hair has been a trip to see. and every outfit is just wonderful. top design rocks because of her (and wisit's odd voice)!