first friday offerings......

just a few of the things that will be available at flat iron studios this weekend

fabric garland at kyle

pottery christmas ornaments at lily
melissa muth at art & light
fabulous furniture at knack
and of course, the pink chair at art & light
(totally worthy of a re-post!!)
see you there
tonight 6 -9
saturday 10-3
pics via knack and art & light


lily pottery said...

thanks for mentioning my ornaments in your post ;) see you this weekend!!!

Mrs.French said...

I love it all...however, that pink chair is perfection! xxoo

Mrs.French said...

...oh and the garland too....

jess gonacha said...

nice to meet you, too! i didn't put it together that you were the maker of the gorgeous jewelry in the front-- i wish i would've known! i admired it quite a few times last night. :)