cheesecake love......

my love of cheesecake is well known among family and friends
.........and the very best kind is new york cheesecake

when i was in new york this fall
my pal introduced me to veniero's in east village
i fell instantly in love
it was the kind of pastry shop i grew up with
........(they even have the machine that automatically ties up the box with string)
so i was so thrilled when my best pal
brought back a cute little cheesecake from nyc for me!
....my son can't wait to get home from school to have some
thanks, pal.....you're the best
pics via veniero's


knackstudio said...

You know I love ya;) xoxo

blue moss said...

nothing says love like cheesecake :)

Celia said...

Oh my God, that cheesecake looks like Heaven! I love NY cheesecake too and here it's not easy to find any like that so I need an easy recipe to learn how to make it myself!; lol...

blue moss said...

wish i could make cheesecake like this...but, sadly, cooking is so not my thing!!