i have long been enormored with anything made from vintage patterns
i love them because they bring up such strong memories of my grandmother
..........i always associate sewing with her
and of my mom making our clothes
.....and because i love the packaging,
and the sketches
and the thin, thin pattern pieces
with all the markings
....i have a huge stack of patterns just waiting for something to be done to them
but until that happens
........i would just love to buy everything in nutuure's shop
found thru melissa loves
.....thanks melissa!


knackstudio said...

these are the best pictures ever...... gorgeous!!;)

Rachel said...

Beautiful! I love vintage patterns too.

jess gonacha said...

those ornaments are fantastic!!

Marichelle said...

oh wow those ornaments are amazing! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time out to say hello. ps. great blog!

:) Marichelle

Project Ecoart said...

oooooooh love these.

coffeemonkey said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work! It is such an honor to be featured on your blog. I love vintage sewing patterns for many of the same reasons you do. My mom was seamstress before I was born so I never really saw her handling patterns, but they make me think of her all the time. I also love the lightness of the paper and I am very attracted to the bold patterns on them. Lovely blog. Thanks again!