every year, the first weekend in december
my husband does a 1/2 marathon close to charleston, sc
we always make it a getaway weekend
this year....life just got in the way
but we still made a day trip to charleston
to do some christmas shopping

my very favorite store is
it has a great collection of home, stationery, clothes and accessories
while i think these are absolutely fabulous:

rick owens leather jacket

i was certainly just looking!
i did find some fun stocking stuffers for the family
(can't post about them.....they might see!)


bkh said...

I so love worthwhile! :)

Miss Crowland said...

That jacket is awesome.

Mrs.French said...

i want to go...this place looks so up my alley...xo

Munted kowhai said...

Don't you just hate that?! When you want to share your spoils on your blog but the people that are getting it might find out! Awwww, I'm sure they're as gorgeous as that leather jacket (so sexy) from Worthwhile.

blue moss said...

i like what i got them....but nothing is as cool as that jacket :)