hello kitty......

i can't explain it, but
i do love hello kitty
......i have since i was a kid
(especially the tiny little stationery things)
i also love pez
.......love filling up the container with the neat little package of candy
(it kills me when my kids just eat the candy right out of the paper!)
anyway....a limited edition hello kitty pez set at uo!
silly fun


cindy : quaint said...

it is so cute!

bkh said...

hellooooooooo kitty! :)

Heidi Jo said...

I love Hello Kitty too. When I was young, there was a Sanrio Surprise store in our mall with all sorts of Hello Kitty things and my mom would take my sister and I in and let us pick something out for a dollar- a pencil or stickers. I was so sad when the store closed. I think I still miss it.

blue moss said...

i feel exactly the same way..... :)