orla love

i know that everyone is buzzing about this....
........(i found out from barb @ knack )
but how can i not talk about orla kiely at target??
love orla kiely!!!
coming early february
i may have to go to target everyday
until it arrives
.....so i don't miss a thing!
pics via knack.....via door sixteen


cindy : quaint said...


jill said...

oh my goodness. i am SO excited!

Teresa Roche said...

Oh what a great day -- I've drooled over Orla (at a distance) for years -- can't wait -- let's have an Orla day and meet for breakfast and then go to Target!
art & light

blue moss said...

t sounds like a party!
i'm in!

Georgia B. said...

i love the pear patterns! i had not heard of this—i guess i've been living under a rock. :)

so thanks for sharing, even if everyone is talking about it! your the first i've seen of it!

Julia said...


bkh said...

I so love orla!!!