sweaters & scarves

i wandered into abercrombie & fitch
......through the haze of cologne so thick i could taste it
(i promise, i could taste it!)
and even though i know i'm not their target market
i loved their long boyfriend sweaters.....all on sale
and vintage washed scarves..super soft and fabulous
.....the plaid was great and i wanted just about every solid color
...............okay, i did get the green one with my christmas money
i may have to go back for the rest :)

chelsea sweater
vintage plaid lightweight scarf
pop color classic lightweight scarf


Heidi Jo said...

Ha ha... it's the thick cologne that keeps me out of that place. I took some highschool girls shopping in San Fran a few months ago and they went in A&F and I could barely handle being in there for 2 minutes before I had to get out. It's a strange thing, stores that are filled with frangrance fog... because the people who venture in would still shop there if the smell wasn't so thick, but there are definitely people who avoid shops because of the smell. You'd think it would be smart to just get rid of the fog, so that all of the fragrance sensitive people could shop too. That's my logic, at least.

blue moss said...

too funny....the a&f in my sister's mall is close to the public restrooms and she always thought that that was where the smell was coming from when she walked by! just some strong smelling bathroom cleaner, and that poor store that has to be so close to the bathroom! :)

bkh said...

cough cough
cough cough...
Guess we're not their target market. Good thing you can browse online!