it's all in the details.....

a tiny honeybee
a little pocket
pretty stitching
tiny wrist detail

pretty ruffles

zigzag stitching

a little bit of red stripes

pretty little pom-poms

a tiny button with ribbon

i am so drawn to little details
this past weekend, someone told me she bought one of my necklaces
because of the tiniest piece of vintage lace i had tied on it....
and it just made me happy
i love details........
......it will keep me putting little bits of things on my jewelry


bkh said...

The pom pom one is ae? Too cute!

Miss Crowland said...

Love the shoes.

cindy : quaint said...

i love the hat and your necklace.

erin said...

these are such beautiful finds! thanks so much for sharing--and for visiting my blog, too! happy weekend!

Blair said...

Oh, I adore that vintage letter pillow--beautiful!

Geisslein said...

I love the complete post!!! Beautiful finds!!! Wish you a great start in the new week!

Angelica said...

hello! your blog is just great! thanks so much for choosing my linen bag!

blue moss said...

angelica...you are so welcome...it's a great bag!

two brunettes said...

ahh! i love that little bag!