it was a fun friday....

nothing ever happened

it was a great first friday.....
first i met dee.....of the fun blog our little love nest
she met barb at knack thru blogland
....so she came for a visit with her husband don and lovely daughter bella
it was so fun to have her at first friday
and meet her in person!!
dee...you are just adorable and so is your family!!
i also fell in love with the work of melissa moss
(i met her thru her blog
and she has a fabulous etsy store.....)
some of her prints are available at art & light
.....my sister bought "i can't breathe".....
and i am more than a little jealous
....i will certainly be adding one of her works to my collection soon!!!
enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


LornaSmithStudio said...

Hey pretty girl...sorry it has been so long! Really lovely prints. Love your new gems esp the one with the yellow flowers.
Love l xxx

cindy : quaint said...

it's so nice to meet blogging friends. i love the 'i can't breathe' print. it is so cute.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for the mention and the kind words. I absolutely love your blog. Beautiful. I'm adding it to my "Blogs I Like" list.

blue moss said...

melissa...you are so welcome!
easy to love your fabulous work