thank you....

i was so excited when i made my visit to munted kowhai today
and found a pic of tiffany in the locket garden necklace
....it totally made my day!
i love her creations
and was so thrilled and honored when she ordered a blue moss!
oh.....and i really do love visiting her blog
her posts always makes me smile!

thanks, tiff!
you're a great blog friend :)


Hello Lindello said...

You both are amazing artists. She looks beautiful in that necklace =)

red.door.read said...

how cool. i was looking at your shop today and i think i'm falling for the 'make mine sparkly' necklace.

it's too gorgeous for me not to own it.

Georgia B. said...

you both have lovely blogs and beautiful work!

blogland is the best, isn't it?

Munted kowhai said...

I just had to show everyone how much I love my necklace! I can't get enough of it. Is it weird to plan your wardrobe around your accessories?
Eeeep! Loves it!

bkh said...

what a fun pic!

Mrs.French said...

tiff and I are necklace twins...how nice...xo t