connect the dots.....

i love the color combo of red and baby blue
so it seemed like it was time to make a
connect the dots
using these fabulous colors

it's now in the shop
wear it as a necklace
.......or doubled up as a bracelet

note: oh my, this one is spoken for already!!
working on getting a similiar one in the shop soon


dinosaur toes said...

You have such lovely taste and beautiful jewelry! I, on the other hand, have no fashion sense, so I love looking at your blog!

tori said...

that is beautiful. your jewelry is probably the most amazing i have ever seen.

JL said...

LOVE it!!!
bracelet or necklace...either way...LOVE!

blue moss said...

thanks so much!!!

lily pottery said...

hey lady...i totally dig this necklace that turns into a lovely bracelet! keep up the fabulous work!