hello pretty things...

i think that we finally finished the back to school shopping
....all done with buying the boys'
and khaki pants
and sperry top-siders

now i can concentrate on all the pretty things again.....

(although, i did think my boys
looked pretty handsome
in all their newness and fresh haircuts
at church on sunday :)

happy monday!

vialis cabaret shoe . gravity pope
clu tank . revolve
cydwoq belt . bianca rose
numbered napkin rings . brooklynrehab
cloud conservatory ring . corybethy
gretel leather tote . renneslechateau
fluttering pencil skirt . anthro
flower brooches . namolio
ribbon front top . j crew
argila katrine boot . ped shoes
and the time on my hands bracelet


Revolution Malibu said...

All so beautiful!

anna said...

GREAT picks! I don't know which one I like best :)

our little love nest said...

You have the most amazing style. I love it. Wish I could tag along on a shopping trip with you. xoxo

keithjcarson said...

Those shoes at the top are flippin' awesome.

glam.spoon said...

you have such an eye for putting pieces together. thanks for sharing!

Heidi Jo said...

I love those shoes (both pairs) and the shirts and that bag so very much!!

Amanda Nicole said...

Aww, fresh haircuts and clothes, so sweet!

I am highly coveting that brown bag. Mmmm.

SimplyGrove said...

Yes....very pretty!!! xx

Kylie said...

So much gorgeousness! Beautiful selection, Michelle. :) K

Rachel Follett said...

So many beautiful items! My favorite is the numbered napkin holders and that gray ruffle dress!

a mouse said...

*gorgeous pretties!*