join the fun....

it's first friday time!!
and there will be no shortage of pretties
at flatiron studios

i've made lots of new jewelry
and will have a couple variations of
the exchange student necklace
and the connect the dots necklace
at art & light

join us for all the fun

1211 pendleton st
greenville, sc 29611

friday 6 . 9 pm
saturday 10 am . 3 pm

ohh...and don't forget
art & light is now open
thurs - sat 10 - 5

images via knack, art & light and lily pottery


Kylie said...

It looks like a fabulous show - good luck Michelle! I hope it goes well for you. K :)

two brunettes said...

I want to goooo!!

anna said...

Good luck with the show!

Great images :)

Alessia said...

these are beautiful! I love your shop and am planning on purchasing one of your necklaces very soon...

our little love nest said...

YAY!! I am pretty close to positive unless Bella gets really sick from her teething pain we will make it out! I don't want to jinx it by saying I am coming....like the last couple of times. So happy to go see all of the gorgeous things there and all of you. xoxo

Sunder said...

I wonder, do you like living in Greenville, SC? Is it artist friendly, have colleges, good weather, interesting homes? I only ask cause we are researching where to move next (we don't like Vegas)!

Teresa Roche said...

Thanks for the great a & l shout out and beautiful post! See you tomorrow.

blue moss said...

kylie, two bru and anna...thanks so much. how fun would it be, if everyone could come? i would love that
alessia..you are too sweet,
dee...woo hoo...i will keep my fingers crossed!
sunder...g'ville is a great place, i will have to send you more info...
t...looking forward to tomorrow!!

tori said...

i am pretty much i love with everything you have there :D