pretty, pretty......

if i was looking for
an absolutely beautiful
but totally impractical shoe
that made me end up being
about 6'5" (exaggeration)
....i would totally get these

camellia espadrilles


besh said...

those are cute, but something i would never wear...im more apt to rip the flower off...toss the shoes and make a brooch!
ps..thanks for visiting..i guess i will stop lurking and say "hi" now & again.

blue moss said...

i'm more likely to wear it as a brooch too
but i have been thinking about putting pretty flowers on my lower healed shoes
so glad you decided to say hi!

Lisa said...

I typically do not like the fashion/style pictures that most people post on their blogs b/c their choices simply aren't my style. However, I always look forward to your posts because you always seem to get it right & find things that I really enjoy. These shoes are stunning.

Cait* said...

Although these would make me more of an acceptable height, I'd tip over and I think the flower would end up in my hair...