it's a holiday!!!....

it's labor day here....and hubby and i have the day off
oddly enough, my kids are in school
......can't really explain that......
but that means we have a "date day"!!
we are either off to asheville, nc.......or atlanta, ga
but we have to be back by 3
what to do, what to do?
whatever we decide
i'm just happy to spend the day with him! :)

i leave you with a few more pics
(of the assorted lovely things at art and light)
from this past weekend
see you after my mini vacation!!


Revolution Vintage said...

How fun for you guys!
The pics look great!

erin said...

wishing you a fabulous adventure! these shots are lovely!

Kylie said...

How delightful! Have a wonderful day :) My hubby and I are off to Paris and London this Sunday *eek!* for a 2 week work jaunt... really looking forward to it but I hate being away from my girls that long. Still, not complaining! Let us know where you went... hope you take some pics! K x

Dottie said...

I'm originally from NC and I love Asheville! Have fun, where ever you choose.

Amanda Nicole said...

So so many lovelies here, I want to wrap myself in all of them. Have a wonderful lil getaway :)

Mary S. said...

I love those socks! I have happy day and a fun date!!

blue moss said...

thanks for all the good wishes!!! it was a great, great day
kylie....i am so excited and happy for you (and maybe a little jealous)!!

Geisslein said...

The over the knees socks are to beautiful! Love them! Hope your days was perfect and full of love ;o)

vintage simple said...

Oh, I love the above the knee socks I got on Friday!!! They're the best. Now, if the weather would just cooperate and turn cool.... ;)
Hope you had a great trip!

blue moss said...

geisslein.....thanks for the knee sock love :)
and maria...i'm so glad you love yours and i am so glad we finally met on friday :)
i could certainly use some cool weather around here....my boots are calling to me

littlebyrd said...

Your over the knee socks might just be the most fabulous things!!

Fee said...

Aww I hope your mini vacation was nice.

So romantic.

Fee x

tori said...

i hope you had a fun labor day. :D
the photos are awesome. i don't think i saw anything i wouldn't love to have.

Katie Runnels said...

your socks are so sweet!!! thanks for the peeks!! i can't believe you found those tennies too! i was just there in Charleston and saw no such wonderfulness!! xoxo

Katie Runnels said...

i could really use some retail therapy with you as my guide. xo