the best...

a lovely thing to do for the one you love......

Sew In Surprise: One sew in label embroidered in black with "The Best" also includes a pre-threaded needle.
Instructions for use:
1. Borrow a loved one's clothing
2. Sew label into loved one's clothing.
3. Un-borrow the said article of clothing.

available at shopsin's general store
found via daily candy


our little love nest said...

Ooooh that is wonderful, Michelle!! I love it! xoxo

Lemondrop Marie said...

Very sweet!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

cindy said...

i really love this idea!

vintage simple said...

So very sweet - I love it.


Kylie said...

Oh that is so cute! Thanks Michelle for making me smile :) K

Kristin said...

That is such a lovely idea!

Dallas Shaw said...

thanks, been looking for new tags for the tee line