well, it had to be about christmas...

i may not be a christmas sweater kind of gal...
but i do enjoy some festive things...

a spool of sky blue tinsel

ruffly red sweater

vintage ornaments

happy socks

and a happy snowman

great red scarf

and fun red christmas houses

my boot clog obsession continues with these
fabulous green ones

and my absolute favorite christmas movie
a classic plaid shirt

striped green armwarmers

and the miss doodle doll
would be the best little girl present

a lovely red dress

and a blue moss party necklace


kelleysmithstyle[at]gmail.com said...

okay, seeing the necklace makes me even madder that i can't find my belt and buckle!

knack said...

love the arm warmers! I just spent a bunch of time looking for some online yesterday {since I lost my fantastic ones}.......couldn't find any I liked that were thin like these........may have to purchase the grey :)

happy monday!


chunky girl said...

I didn't get anything christmasy done this weekend, but I still managed to watch Rudolph twice.

(She thinks I'm cute, she thinks I'm cute..!)

cindy said...

i could be very happy with all of those things. the doodle doll is adorable.

Katherine said...

when my santa asked what i want for christmas a few weeks ago those green boots were IT!!

Emily said...

Ooo i just love that blue tinsel! Great picks as always!! I do so look forward to your collections!

Hannah Elise said...

BLUE TINSEL! I love Christmas time.

thislovelycity said...

What cute finds! Love the red sweater + vintage ornaments! Happy Monday! xo.

jess said...

those happy socks and the arm warmers are so cute. you always have such great finds! :)

automatism said...

Love all these picks — and was so excited to see White Christmas this weekend, too! I think it's my fave holiday movie as well!


tori said...

cute stuff!
i really wish hollister didn't put their logo all over everything because i love that sweater! i suppose you could always put a brooch over it... :)

meena meena said...

super awesome green boot-clog ALERT