goodbye cold, cold weekend
....hello warmer week.......i hope :)

if i could knit, i would make this cowl
(totally forgot whose beautiful blog i saw this on....
if it was you, please let me know)

union jack love continues with these cushions
fabulous little ankle boot

i love melinda's new dress....

and her fabulous new bike

super great ruffle apron tutorial
found via the ever inspiring between the lines
lovely dancer legwarmers

great denim tunic

perfect fingerless gloves

and i love the idea of
replacing your oxfords laces
with velvet ribbon
found here


silk said...

Oh, I love the cowl! I would knit it another colour, though. Blue and green, maybe :)

melinda said...

thanks for including me! i also wish i could knit that scarf.

Vamoose said...

oh my, I'm going to have to start putting some money aside for those boots!

blue moss said...

silk....blue and green would look so great :)
melinda...you are so welcome..i do so love your dress and bike
vamoose...great boots are totally a good thing to save for :)

chunky girl said...

I completely need a big straw bike basket!

Linz said...

Love the knitwear! But...this winter wasn't very cold for us in Southern California, so I didn't get to wear any of my coats. :( I wish your winter would transfer over to us.

Wishful said...

love your blog!

blue moss said...

cg...yes, you do
linz..i wish it would too
i am so ready for some warmer weather... :)
wishful...well, thank you so much

limonana said...

lovely finds! adoring that bicycle & those oxford shoes...

A Loopy Life said...

Love almost everything here...especially the cardi (with a hood!), the dress (which I can't buy, sob!), and the fingerless gloves.