just a sample of the things i dropped off at art & light
for first fridays
today until 9 pm
and tomorrow during the day

p.s..head here for a really good laugh
....i couldn't stop
and chuckle every time i think of it
and...while you are there, you should stay awhile
and read her inspiring journey :)


Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!

cindy said...

have fun at the show and this weekend. love the link. very funny!

Lisa Graves said...

must move south... must move south... These pieces are a.maze.ing. Love the watch piece! you are soooooo good.

chunky girl said...

awww - thanks for the shout out!

Leila Marvel said...

beautiful, you always inspire me, i just want to escape from work and create!

Kylie said...

Lots of yummy gorgeousness here :) Hope it all goes well for you Michelle. Kx

knack said...

loving the anchor piece........so wonderful!


blue moss said...

thanks so much for all the nice comments
i'm smilin'

Lila said...

Love that jewelry.
Lila Ferraro
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