pie in the sky....

i'm just happy to be starting a new week....
hope you are, too :)

i would love to start it
wearing this super fun shirt

and it would look so great with these sandals

how cool is this knit wall clock?

and this great organic dress?

i know i spotted this embroidered brooch
on someone's fabulous blog...
...please let me know if it was you

great recycled bag

love that this journal has a place for everything

just the kind of cushion i like

love these teahouse lanterns...

and this hardwood ring

great polka dot bow
and mustard button combo on this cardi

and a little confetti


Geisslein said...

uuhhh - the scouts is too great! I have fallen in love now! have a lovely monday!

Cat said...

Wouldn't it be great if every Monday could start with new, lovely things? :)

What great finds...love the "confetti" ;)

xo Cat

chunky girl said...

The sandals are so fun!

Bekväm said...

Oh my gosh! The confetti necklace is indeed lovely. Great list, as always!

D&D said...

i would love a journal like that. perhaps then i'd stop losing pens all the time.

Poke Salad Annie said...

love the shirt, and the cardigan too!