and now....

for some pretties...
cap sleeve linen....
perfect summer top

made from 111 recycled coke bottles

great striped cardi

shoes make everything better...
and i love these
lovely floral flats
air mail skirt
and this fabulous bag
been totally wanting some
aerial coverup
blown away by these wedge sandal

so sad i let this get away...
vintage canvas bow tank


Diana Mieczan said...

All those top are perfect...I would wear them in a heart beat:)
That pillow with shoe print....is calling my name.:)
Kisses my lovely and have a lovely day:)

Colleen said...

I love your finds!! I've been eying those chairs for a while now, and I love the bright colors!

Katie Runnels said...

love love it all, as usual...especially the dainy tanks and cap sleeves! i've had an obesession with navy chairs for awhile...cannot believe my eyes with these! Sorry, I've been AWOL...missing you much! xoxo

Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

cutest pillow ever! w2th the silkscreen sandals!

Dallas Shaw said...

pretty coverup
simple and easy