today is the first day of the last week of school...

after a few days of finals for my high schooler
and parties for my elementary schooler and jr. higher....
they will be home!
i love summer....
and i'm loving....
this refurbished coffee table

pretty lace oxfords

and a pretty bow cami

great natural studded belt

and... i still like ruffles

and a pretty summer dress

great details on these platforms

hand knit zig zags
saw these on sale the other day....
(and i may have to go back for them :)

love these textured porcelain bags
nothing better than a striped tee


Diana Mieczan said...

I adore the hand knit zig zags...so cozy and beautiful!
The summer dress is adorable and I love all thise photos!
Have a great Monday, sweetie:)

our little love nest said...

I love that cami, the ruffles and your lockets....hmmm...and I thought I wasn't very girly. Perhaps, I am! xo

wishful nals said...

love the coffee table + sweater -- and hooray for summer!

Kylie said...

All gorgeous goodies Michelle :) I'm so surprised it's summer holidays already! I thought that happened in June? Have a great time with the fam :) Kx

Marcie said...

Wow. I love so many things on here, especially the bow cami.
Great blog! So glad I found it.