just some things i've found lately...

.....and i like 'em....

legere ruffled vest
such a great card

all sorts of strappy goodness

hard to pick just one of these great mini pins

really good dress

and a super fun anchor ring

i love sewing kits

love this patchy tank

and this blank book

warm striped top

pretty, pretty ring the studs make these wedges look so cool
( and they look comfy, too)


Diana Mieczan said...

I am so into this warm top and the 1st piece is so adorable:) Hope you had a great weekend:)
kisses,sweetie and see you soon:)

Munted kowhai said...

how cute is that fluttery vest!
am so so jealous of your warm weather, i'm in my winter pjs surrounded by woolen blanket!
love the name of your new necklace

knack said...

i love those first strappy sandals....they remind me of those awesome heels that girl had on the day we went to lunch! :) i want those babies!!

happy monday to you!


Lillian Chang said...

LOVE these too!! Lots of great finds & pieces here...thanks so much for sharing!!
Happy Monday to you!!

Claire said...

Adorable stuff!

Jayne said...

I heart that ruffle vest. :)

Brunch at Saks said...

So many fun things- I don't know where to start! Definitely going over to check out more of those cute pins and sewing kits. They look like they'll make perfect little gifts. Have a great day xoxo

{lovely little things} said...

Love your clothing style!

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Thanks for sharing! This is all spectacular. :) I absolutely adore the patchy tank...I am guessing it's from Anthropologie, which is my favourite! Anything from there is the best. Oh, and I love the sewing kit and those epic strappy sandals and...yeah, I love it all. :)

With love,