ruffled etsy...


had to share a couple things
from 2 fabulous gals (with lovely blogs and great esty shops)
that i simply couldn't resist .....
the necklace was made by pascale
who you know as
a super great gal in paris......
whose creations and blog i absolutely love
(you may remeber this bit of fabulousness
that i went on and on about before)
well, i have loved this necklace ever since she made one for herself
and....i hardly ever buy necklaces for myself
but......i love her work with leather
and......how could i resist a ruffled leather neckace
with bits of this and that?
answer.....i couldn't
the card is from the great new shop, cranny found favorites
check out sarah's blog here
what can i say, other than....
can't resist that either!
and the rest of her shop is just as good
i'll be the gal hanging out by the mailbox.....


Diana Mieczan said...

I love ruffles on cards...So adorable:) Great links...I have to check them all out!
Muah sweetie

vintagefab said...

Great finds. I'm hurrying over to the shops now.

Kelley Smith Style said...

quite possibly THE coolest necklace i've ever seen...well,except for all of YOUR fabulous ones!
i went to her etsy shop and don't see it or any others. would love to see others she has made and know the pricing.

Pascale said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! You got me blushing again! ;)
The necklace is on its way and should get there hopefully by the end of next week...
Now, I'd love to make more of them, and I will as soon as I can get my hands on more feathers - the store where I usually get them ran out, unfortunately...
and I do have a couple of other necklaces in mind as well! To be continued soon, hopefully!!

{B} said...

thanks tons michelle.....
the thanks pal card should be named after you;-)
hope you enjoy!

cindy said...

gorgeous necklace by wonderful pascale and so perfect for you. i love all things ruffles, too!