better than sketching on a napkin...

back in the day...
i went to a very small high school
and while i received a great education
there weren't any extra classes to take
well my daughter goes to a much bigger high school
and is taking art and graphic design this year
(after many chats about using every opportunity
that is available .....and making the most of her education...)
added with the fact that she always sketching something
anyway, i couldn't be more happy about it
my sister just told me about this little travel sketchbook
it would be the perfect thing for my budding artist
....and maybe one for me too :)


Diana Mieczan said...

That would be perfect for you both:)I bet!


Indie.Tea said...

O how pretty!

Lisa Graves said...

I'm doing it too!!! Yours looks WAY better than mine!

cindy said...

love the sketchbook and hope you'll show us some of it as those pages get filled up! you should each have one, definitely!

Erick said...

I'm always scared to start utilizing a new notebook. I'm scared of "messing" it up. :/ This is great though!

blue moss said...

i totally feel the same way...all books usually sit on my table until i make myself start using them...and then i'm so glad that i did :)

Luna said...

I love this. Would probably get one but I have way too many pretty (untouched) ones already!