one more week...

we officially have one more week of summer vacation....
and while i'm not ready (at all) for my kids to go back to school....
....i do love all the new fall things that are out and about...

ruffle laundry bag
(one in each color, please)

grid notepads
perfect for back to school

fabulous striped jacket
super cute cushion
love this shirtdress...
and these ballet flats

pretty little ankle socks

and a great plaid tunic

cornwell clock

these fabulous boots
are calling my name

and this amazing laurel clutch
originally seen here
and the all in a row necklace


sobinique said...

I need that landry bag! It's beautiful!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I can't wait for the return of sweater weather! And how cute is that shirt dress? While on vacation I received many compliments on my blue moss necklace - it is one of my favorite pieces!

blue moss said...

totally need to the laundry bag too
.....and i'm so glad you are enjoying your necklace :)
thanks for letting me know

wishful nals said...

i love your blog so much! that laundry bag is gorgeous! i would wear it....!

Fee-AMore said...

I like that cushion and socks. Pretty.

our little love nest said...

Your new necklace is stunning right down the the little yellow bead. So pretty and I want that laundry bag with its matching shower curtain. All so gorgeous. You have a great eye for beauty!

Paislea Elyse said...

i'm so excited for fall! i love love love fall clothes!


Allison Stephanie said...

I absolutely love the laundry bag... and the cusion too... too cute!!


blue moss said...

i was totally trying to figure out how to turn that laundry bag into a purse i could wear, too!! :)