i just had to...

i don't even know how i stumbled upon this scarf....
but when i did....it was screaming my name.
made in france (of all fabulous places) for j.l. hudsons
with detroit landmarks sketched all over it's pretty pinkness
i'm from detroit....grew up there
and i loved hudson's department store
and have so many great memories connected to the place.
loved eating in the restaurant on the top floor (a really big treat).
i'm certain the blue twirly dress I got for my birthday in first grade came from hudsons
so did my red mary janes....
and I marched right to the little girls accessories
with all of my third grade birthday money
to buy a panda bear ring and a panda face purse
and other assorted panda goodness.
i went back to school shopping in 5th grade with my grandmother
and got the most smashing green houndstooth pants with matching green turtleneck
i could go on and on....and guess that i have
...so many memories
all tied up in a pretty pink scarf
....that's on it's way to me


Katie Bright said...

cuuuuuuute!!! love it.

Kylie said...

What a wonderful find... memories and warmth twirled into one fabulous scarf! :) Kx

Fee-AMore said...

And now, you can carry such great memories around! :)

Thays said...

Love it.



Lila said...

I love it! My hubs also grew up in Detroit! Maybe I should get him something that reminds him of his childhood....hmmmm
Lila Ferraro

Renee said...

How cool...we moved from Canton,MI a year ago & called it home for 10 years...it will always be our home.We were there to see Hudson's leave and become Marshall Field then Macy's.What part of Detroit are you from?What a fab scarf to have.

cindy said...

i love your memory of such a special place to you. but, if you find that scarf missing you should check our place. it's wonderful ;)! xo, c

shoppingsmycardio said...

you definitely had to! those vintage-style silk scarves are oh-so-chic and fun to wear, especially when they have meaning for you! enjoy...i'm just a bit jealous :)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

What a pretty scarf, and such a beautiful post! I have memories of Marshall Fields downtown Chicago. I remember spending money on a Hello Kitty back pack and super neat erasers. Funny, the stuff we remember.

J. said...

OMG, love it, want it!

chunky girl said...

Beyond fabulous! I'm jealous. :)

brittany Havican said...

Ooooh! This is so cute. I love all things French!