not so silent night...

we woke up yesterday at 4:45 am to the sound of dripping....
....dripping in our bedroom
coming from the upstairs plumbing
....soooooo, we moved all the christmas presents
(that were right under the drip)
and totally cleaned out the attic
to get to all the pipes
....and hours and hours later
we had a clean attic
and totally repaired pipes.....
and we are one day closer to christmas
without doing any christmas-y things...at all.
but...these lovely treats came in the mail
a trio of yarn trees, made by sarah
the gal behind cranny,
a shop i have loved from the start
(when i grabbed up some of these)
definitely a bright spot in my soggy day :)

cranny is on a christmas break, but will be back jan 2nd with new spring goodness....
...i can't wait


Pretty Neat Designs said...

Oh man, that is a total bummer. But then there is the clean attic, and that would have made it worth it. for me, anyway. Hope you are on to christmas-y things soon!

jessica said...

aw, so sorry to hear about your leak! hope it didn't hurt any of your Christmas presents!

and those trees are sooo lovely. :)

Casey said...

Awww.. :( Sorry to hear about your plumbing, but also glad you received such a wonderful little package in the mail to cheer you up!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh no! But Im so glad that the pipes are all fixed now and I have to say that those sweet trees are adorable:) Enjoy your day

knack said...

yay! I'm so glad you got some! I have all of mine out on my turquoise desk here at home, and I do not want to ever take them down!

love that gal.....xo

oh, and p.s glad the drips are fixed and all of the presents are in tact:) shwew!

blue moss said...

thanks guys...
thankfully all the presents survived....
and i am loving my clean attic :)

Dallas Shaw said...

those yarn trees could cheer anyone up!

{B} said...

I am so glad that you received them! so very sorry about the drippy-drips! boo!