on my christmas wish list...

this book from ikea looks fabulous

This is not a book to read. It's a book to touch, to browse, to be inspired by and enthused about. Because textiles aren't about sharp scissors and awkward sewing machines. They're about creative desire. So stop reading and step inside our textile world.

sounds like a lot of goodness for $9.99
it's not available on line
but i checked and it is available in the stores

(namely, atlanta.....
hint, hint)


Pascale said...

What a coincidence! I just posted a project today using IKEA fabric!
I believe IKEA has great fabric - I always have a hard time choosing... and every time I get home thinking 'Why didn't I buy more?!'

chunky girl said...

LOL - I'm looking at this post, thinking, now how's she going to get her hands on that?

Then I got to the end... :)

{B} said...

OR you could come visit Portland and purchase your copy here;-)

I'm just sayin......

your trees should be on their way tomorrow;-)

blue moss said...

i do the same thing!! and ilove your tutorial (as always) i have one of those fabics and it was just waiting to made into something fabulous
cg....hee hee!!!
b....dying to go to portland, and some day i will make it there!!
so excited about the trees