this weekend....

we will be busy doing a number of things....
tonight is first friday at art and light
i have been extra busy making new blue moss goodies
(and i'm so happy with them all that i just want to keep a few for me)
and i'm super excited about "holy matrimony"
mike and lynda slattery's joint show that opens there tonight
(read all about it here)

we also have a school play,
christmas shopping (of course),
....i will make another attempt to get my christmas cards done
(i was totally certain i would get them completely done over the thanksgiving weekend.....
and we are picking up a new (to us) family car
one of our cars just totally died this week
....it was a slow, painful death....
and we will be excited to drive around in a car
that the windows actually work
and so does the radio
and the heat....
and you don't feel like you are about to blow up....
and....well, you get the idea

happy weekend!!


Diana Mieczan said...

Uff sounds like a busy weekend:) Good luck with everything:)

cindy said...

sounds busy, busy in a good way! i still haven't bought christmas cards - eeek! i'm sorry about your car and will tell scott. if it's the one i think it is he will be in mourning for it and you, unless you got a new model, then he'll be green with envy ;). have fun! xo, c

Kylie said...

Wow! That's a big weekend - have fun :) We have a dancing concert and a family party... I was so stressed but I feel a lot lighter now ;) Kx