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The Stylist’s Guide to NYC was the brainchild of Sibella Court, interior stylist & owner of The Society Inc. After living & working in NYC over a 15 year period she has decided to share her secrets with a city she knows like the back-of-her-hand: her favourite haunts, tried & tested hidden gems, secrets and holes in the wall. Sibella introduces you to her 9 loops of ‘interests’: Scents & Flower Merchants, Oddities & Curiosities, Jewellery & Hardware, Haberdashery & Handmade, Drapers & Upholstery, Art & Objets, Paper & Art Supplies, Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia and Furniture & Interiors. Each loop takes you on a journey through the city. Take your time, pick up where you left off or, if you are fast-paced like me, complete in one day. For easy reference the 277 shops, services, galleries, restaurants, hotels (only 2!), gardens & cafes are also listed by zipcode & alphabetical order. The Stylist’s Guide to NYC is an indispensable accessory for anyone visiting, working, living in or dreaming of New York.

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