happy day.....

today is a happy day......
so here is a totally random list
of some things that make me happy today
M·A·C pro longwear lipcolour
(no lipstick stains on cups and straws
i'm totally addicted to it)

patchwork quilts

my gentleman's necklace by munted kowhai
(a christmas present from great friend)

knack studio's perfect love plates

crayons with the built-in sharpener

pretty flower pin

long puffy jackets

yellow cake with white icing

fabulous flat sandals

hope you have a happy day, too!


Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday!!! :)

blue moss said...


knack said...

Happy birthday pal ....... I love your list, and thanks so much for including my plates! xo

PeacockEnvy said...

Good to know about the MAC lip color....I've been searching for new gloss.


drollgirl said...

love the quilt! will have to try that mac product, for sure!

Kelley Smith Style said...

went to the gap this AM and my sister bought the gray sweater with ruffles..it's even cuter in person!

love my necklace! i wore it yesterday AND today and have gotten compliments on it so, THANK YOU!

and, apparently it's your b'day so, have a happy rest of the day!

blue moss said...

thanks for the b day wishes
kelley....so glad you love your necklace. :)
i need to go to gap to look at that sweater....love the sweet ruffle on it

Deniz said...

love the quilt and your christmas gift- oh i see it was your birthday... happy birthday :)