first friday.....

yes...this weekend is first friday here in greenville, sc
i've been talking about it....
and i am even more excited about this first friday
because i am a featured seller at art & light
that means blue moss has a whole room of it's own!
it also means lots of new necklaces, bracelets, earrings
stitched tanks, and tees.
(it also explains why i haven't been visiting my blog friends as much
......and listing as much in the shop
i promise, after this weekend, i will make lots more visits
and will list lots of new things!)
anyway, i did start setting up for the show yesterday
....and it's going great

and as always there will be wonderful things to be found at art & light,

i love this lamp by paige at art & light
and look at this fabulous limited edition print by marco suarez
so head down to the flatiron studios at 1211 pendleton st.
this friday, march 6 . 6 - 9 p.m.
and saturday march 7 . 10 am - 3 pm

look forward to seeing you!
all pics via art & light


Teresa Roche said...

Thanks for the great shout out to art & light -- our collector friends are in for such a treat with all the Blue Moss fabulousness! So delighted to have you as our guest artist!

Jill said...

congrats and good luck with it all! i can't wait to see the tanks if you have any left for your on-line shop.

littlebyrd said...

I love your Blue Moss sign. Good luck with it all - everything looks GREAT!

Unknown said...

en entire room for Blue moss! Wish I could be there to see all the lovely art and craft that will be showcasing there!

Revolution Malibu said...

everything looks so beautiful!

Mrs.French said...

greenville is a place I have wanted to visit for so long...I so wish I could be there this weekend. I can't imagine how proud you must be! Once again, please list some of your ts...I adore them and that necklace with pictured with the tank top...I want it...seriously! Have a wonderful time and cheers! clink! I am there in spirit! xo t

Anonymous said...


georgia b. said...

the print is awesome! i want!

and of course, i love all your work.

if i could go to the show, i certainly would!

blue moss said...

I so wish you could all be there...thanks.

limonana said...

congratulations! sounds wonderful...those tanks look charming by the way!

jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, that sign is incredible!

Carols Time Again Treasures said...

Hello Blue Moss ~
So many lovely posts on your blog!
Thanks for sharing the lamp with the old wheels ... what a cool way to reuse and display these old relics. I love repurposing and decorating with old treasures as you can tell by visiting my site and blog.
Thanks again ~ happy spring!

blue moss said...

thanks for visiting carol...i love that lamp...but it sold right away!