The Constant Gatherer &...blue moss!

Today, I emailed Katie at The Constant Gatherer (who I found on the @home blog after my trip to Savannah) to let her know I wanted to feature her on my blog. I was surprised (and thrilled) to hear back from her that she was planning to do the same thing on her's. She found me through Barb at the fabulous Knack blog. How fun!

Here is her post about blue moss.
It was super sweet and she said the nicest things! Thanks so much!!

Now, here are some the amazing things that you can find in her shop.

I love the name The Constant Gatherer. With all of the many fabulous vintage treasures in her pieces, it's such an appropriate name. ...and I love her blog -- it's fun to read about the different treasures that she has found! .


knackstudio said...

Love it all!! Good stuff!

Katie Runnels Graf said...

Thank you!!! xo

Anonymous said...

your jewelry collection is lovely!your tiny details are so very sweet
and Im thrilled to have stumbled across your wares via Katies blog.
she is a talented lil cutie herself and Im always peeking at her blog for inspirations.
YOU are now a favorite as well =)

happy creating.

bkh said...

Love the little birds! How cute. :)

Liz Demos said...

Yeah!! Always happy to facilitate the introduction of two amazingly creative people.