springtime in paris pin

I have been all about watching The French Open the past 2 weeks...and wishing I could be there. So I am loving all things French right now. As a result, I put this in the shop. If you can't go see the Eiffel Tower right now, why not wear one?
spring time in paris pin is sold out! look for more pins coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I love the pin, but WOW do I also love the sweater!!


blue moss said...

thanks for the sweater love. it is my goal to get some of the blue moss clothes added to the shop!

Kathy said...

I'm LOVING these...so unique. Did you make these???

blue moss said...

Kathy--so glad you love them. I may comment about things I like on my blog, but anything I put in my shop, has been made by me. You can find these through the link to my website and my etsy shop. :)