my husband's a cyclist...
every year in july
my house is all about watching every minute of the tour de france
(actually we watch more bike races and triathlons than that
.....but the tour gets the most press coverage)
so anyway, we watch all the stages
and talk about the strategy
and see who's going to be in the yellow jersey
and who's going to win the whole thing
.........so, of course, i had to make an eiffel tower necklace
with a yellow silk ribbon
it's only right
the paris jaune necklace is available in the shop now
(note: the necklace has sold, but i'm working on another,
similiar one and it will be in the shop soon!)


bkh said...

Le Tour necklace - yay!
Now you need a pink one for the Giro... and something Aussie for the Tour Down Under that starts next week... and hmmm... too much? :)

Munted kowhai said...

Congrats on the front page!!!

blue moss said...

tiffany ....
thanks so much!!!
love m

limonana said...

this is gorgeous...just love the touch of yellow...& the story behind it!

Jackie said...

My husband too, maybe I need to make an eiffel tower papercut!

cindy : quaint said...

this necklace is so pretty! did you ever see the french movie 'triplets of belleville'? it's animated by hand and about a cyclist. fantastic!

blue moss said...

thanks for the cycling movie info. there certainly aren't many cycling movies out there...so i know my husband would be totally interested in seeing it...and i seem to like all things french :)

Bornay said...

I have discovered you today reading Miss.Pickering and I've seen your necklaces in "Etsy" page and they are faboulous!!!! really really nice the "paris jaune, warming trend and straight to my heart" I love them