we interrupt our regularly scheduled....

promise to get back to regular posting soon....
but for now,
my kids are back in school today
and while my house will be cleaner (hopefully)
and i'll finally add more to my online shop
and get all the things done that i need to....
for now,
i think i'll just miss my "babies"
one is a sophomore in high school
one is starting jr. high
and is probably a little nervous,
but doesn't want to talk about it in front of
my youngest
who is just so very sad
that school is starting at all
.....and it's making us all a little sad

happy, pretty things later......

pencils via here


Renee said...

Aww,that makes me feel bad for them.We just moved out of state & over here school starts on the
24th & all 3 of my girls are sad & nervous about school.My oldest will be a sophmore,too then I have one going into 8th & another into
5th.The first days are always so tough.I know I'm sad when all my babies are gone,too.Anyways,just wanted to say that I love your blog & jewelry. :)

chunky girl said...

So sad.
School should not start until it's nippy.

Julia said...

Take care! I'm sure this is quite the Monday for you!


blue moss said...

thanks for the sweet comments everyone.....i'm making it through and hopefully my youngest is too! :)

cindy said...

change is hard. i hope your babies (and you) had a good day after all.

Jill said...

oh, it is sad sending the kids back to school, i agree. it's a wistful time, the end of summer.