a little help from my friends....

our family vacation is in less than 2 weeks...
and we have decided on new york city!!
my guy and i have been a number of times
(for work and play :)
but we have never taken the kiddos.....
.....i know a million places that i want to go
(and i will get the chance,
because hubby and i will be going back in august for the u.s. open
and an anniversary celebration........i'm so excited)
but this trip, i really want to take the kids to places that they will love....
so if you have any great suggestions....
...their ages are 16, soon to be 14 and 11
....i would love to hear them.....
nyc in a bag....first seen here


Diana Mieczan said...

Ufff that is a hard one...because I dont have kids yet and I always went o NY for work...But I know they have fantastic Film and TV shows guided tours for teens...( They take you to locations in Manhattan where they shot Friends,Seinfeld,Spiderman)
Its always a good idea to go to Central Park and NBC Studio Tour:)
Ahhh lets not forget the Harbor Tour with the Beast speed boat:)

Hmm...If I think of something new I will let you kow:)
Happy Tuesday,sweetie and see you soon

cindy said...

your trip sounds great, i would recommend -

high line park with a visit to chelsea market for a bite to eat. something for everyone there, including a lovely anthropologie. a wonderful apple store is one block away, too.

kid robot in soho might also be neat and you must visit the new purl store.

have fun and hope this heat wave is gone by the time you get here!

chunky girl said...

1. A Broadway show.
2. Top of the Rock - very cool. (NBC tour, too.) But don't skip Empire State Bldg for it if it comes down to a choice.
3. Shopping at the crazy big port outlets outside the city.
4. Wave a "Hi chunky!" sign on the Today Show.
5. Tea at the Plaza. (Do they still do that now that it's gone condo?)
6. Henri Bendel! (You can drop the kids at H&M and collect them afterwards.)
7. Oh, and some kind of sports thing... :)

cindy said...

i forgot popbar - i'm absolutely dying to go there - http://www.pop-bar.com/

Kelley Smith Style said...

so excited for y'all! jealous too:)
unfortunately i don't have any suggestions for things that your kids would like...i only know about restaurants, shopping, and activities for a 4 year old!

blue moss said...

such great ideas...thanks so much everyone :)
can't wait!!!

Katie Runnels said...

ahhh! I'm so jealous!!! have a marvelous time- and visit tinsel trading co. for me! xoxo

ilana kohn said...

i went on vacation recently with a bunch of kids in tow - one of them had this toy - is it wrong for a 28 yr old woman to be jealous of a kid's toys???....

Kayla Poole said...

FREE kayaking on the Hudson most Saturdays...72nd street and Hudson river at the bike path. (Google it)

Go see the Blue Man Group! I saw the show when I was about 14 and it changed my life. So interactive, amazing visual spectacle.

Dinner at Benihana

Check out the Timeout NY website for weekly listings of every possible event in the city (lots of them free or low cost).