five etsy favorites...

found via here

found objects print

lovely little needlecase

pale taupe shawl

and a collection of vintage measuring tapes


Diana Mieczan said...

Those are such fun finds. I love the print!
I am still thinking about your DIY post from yesterday. I love that rug:)
Have a happy day

knack said...

T-totally loving those wonderful horse hooks!

still kicking myself for not getting that horse sweater from H&M.....boo..

hope you have a fantastic day friend!


chunky girl said...

You bought the measuring tapes, didn't you? :) Fabulous - especially the yellow one!

monica said...

what great pretties!!!


cindy said...

i really love that measuring tape with the sewing machine and really glad it's already sold ;)!

samantha. said...

love those horsey hooks :)!


Luna said...

Beeeeeautiful post. Love those tape measures!

monkeyandsquirrel said...

awwww... thanks so much for giving my little horses a shout out :)

these are all amazing finds! those little needle cases are so adorable and absolutely something i need! i lose needles like its nobodies business!

blue moss said...

i wish it were me that got those measuring tapes...love them so

and monkey and squirrel...you are so welcome..love those horses