storyteller scarves...

i am all about a vintage vacation or destination scarves...
...and have a hard time resisting any that i find.
many times, they aren't in the best shape, small in size,
or made of polyester....but i love them anyway.
so.....i flipped out when i saw the storyteller scarves from madewell.
...in all their oversized, silk/woolen goodness....

Inspired by old-timey typography and vintage posters, our supersoft (and totally collectible) series of Storyteller scarves each has a different tale to be told.

blanket-size ode-to-NYC scarf, covered in retro street placards depicting the city's most famous neighborhoods and boroughs

wise words
rectangular style featuring lines from one of our favorite childhood nursery rhymes

a collaged jumble that charts territories scouted by early American explorers

square style with a roughly drawn outline of New York City postal code zones

square style with a map graphic


naomemandeflores said...

Beautiful! The Mapmaker is divine!

Camila Faria

Kylie said...

Wow! Great finds Michelle :) They are gorgeous.

Jennette said...

Hi Michelle! long time no see/talk :) i have had this post of yours bookmarked forever because i had to keep reminding myself that i have a surprise i am desperate to send off to you! just because! because i think you will ADORE it! can we have a private chat about the best way to get this item to you?! its burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak, it so desperatley wants to come live with you! hope surprises dont drive you nuts! and btw, i opened a brick and mortar in July with my studio attached! its been a whirlwind! hope all is well! xoxox jennette (smashing rubbish)