a good weekend to diy...

i have so many cards and pictures and memories
just stuffed in boxes....
i love this idea to turn them into a "rolodex scrapbook"
....using vintage cards
and photos
....and bits of this and that
so that all that goodness that's just hiding away
could be at your fingertips

step-by-steps here

all photos via fossil life style


Pascale said...

a very cute idea indeed!

paislea said...

this is way too cute!! i love it!!

allister bee blog

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I totally use a rolodex .. I am guilty but can never gve it up

Raffaella said...

i love this idea!!! =D
if you want take a look at my blog!!! =D xoxo

Tiffany said...

this is such a cute idea! and for some mysterious reason i have been in a crazy need to diy! really good idea!

Orla Kiely Bags said...

This idea is heart touching. I used to do this for my friends and family members on every special occasion. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, I like such works and I am sure this will help me in my further work.

Kylie said...

Oh wow - this is a fabulous idea! Thanks Michelle :) Kx

our little love nest said...

I want to do the rolodex scrapbook too!! So fun! xoxo
(Hoping you are doing great!!)

Mickey said...

I love this idea. I never get around to scrapbooking; I'm too intimidated by the whole big page. But I think even I could do these! Thanks!

Brianna said...

I just saw this on craftgawker and I love the idea. I think this would be an especially cool thing to make as a meaningful present for someone, maybe a preteen or teen. Words of love & encouragement. Plus it's so easy to make! Jotting this one down on my ever-expanding list of things to make :)


Team Craftwell said...


Team Craftwell

Ant Bea said...

I love this idea! Think I will make one for my 10 yr old granddaughter. Fill with pictures, momentoes and words of encouragement. Super cool. Thanks for the idea. I pinned this on Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

You can buy the tiny tool that punches the rolodex holes at office supply stores. That way you can punch the item directly, instead of attaching to the blank rolodex card.

Mamie Coffey said...


the "step-by-steps" link didn't work- it took me to a blank "Fossil" page...?

anna said...

Great idea. So simple and beautiful.
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Marchy said...

This is SUCH a cool idea!!
I love these organisers, but never get to buy one just because I feel i dont NEED it, but this idea is SO neat!
The idea of having this on your desk and flipping through your memories when you feel like it... brilliant!